Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

It is a great experience to travel overseas. However, if you want to carry electronics with you, you need to make sure that the voltage of your electronic device is correct. If it is not, you need to convert the voltage until it reaches the appropriate voltage. By checking out the following tips, you will know the easy ways to safely take your electronic devices overseas.

As the first step, the voltage of all your devices that you want to take overseas should be checked. You will find that the device most likely will say 100v or 110v. If you find that your device says 110v – 220v, it means that the device comes in dual voltage so that you do not have to convert the voltage if you want to carry it with you. electronic shops arekere

If you find that the device is not dual voltage, the second step that you should do is to buy the small step-down converter or the transformer for helping you converting the voltage. In this step, you need to ensure that the wattage on the converter is certainly enough for your device. For instance, if the device needs 50W, the transformer that you will need is at least 50W as well.

For the third step, when your device and your converter are ready, you may also need to use a plug adapter. The use of this plug adapter actually depends on where you are going to go. Basically, most devices that you can buy in the USA come with thin, vertical metal prongs, while the standard overseas for the devices is round metal prongs. If you do not purchase plug adapter, you will find that your device might not fit into the outlets of the place that you visit.

Lastly, if you have a plan to live overseas for a few years, it will be a great if you can replace all of your electronic devices because using converter can possibly wear it out.



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